We launched CMGroup because we believed we could do media monitoring better. Turns out we can do some other things better, too. more

Our vision has always been to grow beyond media monitoring and news intelligence. There are myriad opportunities for us to deliver the same type of bespoke, client-centric services in accounting, design, and development. In fact, we’ve been delivering media monitoring, accounting, design, and development since we began. We just hadn’t thought of it that way.

So, what is CMGroup? We are a collection of companies that deliver bespoke, client-centric services in accounting, design, development, and media monitoring.

There’s ATLAS, our media monitoring business. Operating like a political war room, our team of former PR and political campaign professionals understand your urgency and act accordingly, leveraging their human intelligence to flag the moments that matter.

CORE is our accounting and advisory services business, who through their decades of experience help entrepreneurs use data to tell the story of their business.

Then there’s BLUEPRINT, our design and development business that builds your ideas, so that whatever your goals, you will stand out, create memories, and instill confidence.

While each is its own business, one thing remains true across all of them: we do the job better.

Come check us out.

Josh Gardner