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What We Do

Every client is unique.
So are we

The CMG team monitors all forms of media, including print and online sources, national and local TV and radio, and across social media platforms. The CMG technology platform allows us to customize a solution that meets our client’s unique needs. Through real time alerts, daily digests, trend analysis, or breaking news and crisis situation support, our team becomes an extension of yours.

Our Media Intelligence Dashboard can deliver your alerts via e-mail, via Slack integration or via our web based application that allows you to browse by issue or category, or by searching the media archives.

“The problem for the [news-reading] computers is that Brexit is producing too many headlines for them to process. Reuters, for instance, has published up to 400 news headlines on Brexit per day in recent weeks, up from around 15 on British politics before it became an issue. Rival Bloomberg has also pumped up the volume of Brexit content by four times since last autumn, running more than 1,000 headlines some days.”


With staff on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, our network spans the globe and ensures a truly round-the-clock operation. The CMG system is structured so that our analysts are watching your company, your competitors, your industry, and your issues of interest 24 hours per day. The system and service go far beyond simply monitoring—having staff on both sides of the Atlantic deepens our analysis, providing a multi-dimensional perspective throughout the media cycle. Our clients require a comprehensive picture of any given issue that is impossible without perspective from analysts on both sides of the divide—at Crier, we understand this, and craft each and every insight with this in mind, providing your team with the comprehensive and dynamic understanding you need of the issues and media narratives you face.

CMG delivers a seamless and holistic approach to monitoring: instead of treating each market as wholly separate from one another, CMG’s staff functions as a single team with continual communication to allow seamless service. This also ensures that our clients receive a fuller picture of the media landscape including multiple perspectives and a multifaceted analysis of events from starkly different media, policy, industry, and regulatory spheres.

Basics of Monitoring

Our service delivers comprehensive media monitoring and analysis through daily reports and subsequent real-time alerts, Monday through Friday and on weekends as needed and determined by individual scopes of work.

Our analytics are derived from metalabels determined by clients and applied to all content that is a part of their individualized monitoring regimen. If a client wants to track coverage tonality, geographic regions, or which stories include their statements, CMG can set up filters and label the stories accordingly. All tracking can then be used to sort content on the dashboard, which can also generate a visual report that gets updated as stories are tagged. As part of your daily monitoring and alerting regimen, your dedicated analysts are also able to provide another layer of analysis, focusing on trends and narratives, third party analysis, and indication on whether or not applicable statements were included. This analysis can also be compiled into weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports as needed.

Customizable Daily Report(s)

CMG can compile daily news clippings in aggregate into morning and evening matrices, on a schedule and in a format designed to meet the needs of each individual client. To compile each morning report, our dedicated team of experts in London will begin work before the sun rises on the east coast; scouring the day’s newspapers, online news sources, wire services, broadcast and social channels for stories affecting your brand, clients and issues.

Operational control is then handed from London to D.C. as dawn breaks on the east coast, but our entire staff remains vigilant for new stories breaking, and existing narratives evolving through the day. Other daily clip packages are compiled using the same processes.

We use a proprietary blend of tailored investigative searches, manual trawls of news sources and social media, and automated tools all to ensure we meet two divergent and hard to reconcile goals: that we alert you to every story that you need to see without cluttering your desk with unnecessary and irrelevant noise.

Having collated every story that has broken since the previous matrix, we continuously update your report as the news narrative develops—keeping watch on your key publications and sources, broadcast news and social influencers, and alerting you in real-time if a major story breaks that’s too important to wait until your usual daily delivery time arrives.

Real-Time Alerting

To deliver real-time alerts, our dedicated team of experts will continuously monitor and track your brand, client, and/or issues throughout the day. Our teams will be fully briefed on the issues important to you—able to distinguish between a story that’s irrelevant, an article that ought to be in your next report, and a breaking news scenario that you need to be aware of right now.

Functioning more as an extension of your operations than a simple monitoring tool, our analysts use our proprietary mix of tools to stay on top of your issues and ahead of the curve throughout the day.

Working across six time-zones, with staff in London and the D.C. metro area,CMG have eyes on your issues literally around the clock. This also allows us to leverage unique perspectives, with expert analysts in different media markets, different languages and from different perspectives.

We dynamically manage resources – in a breaking news situation, we can deploy more people to ensure that nothing is missed in what can so often be chaotic and fast-paced media environments.

Why Choose Us

You Need a Service, Not Another Tool

CMG’s systems offer an alternative to services that have chosen to fully automate their monitoring, often at the cost of quality in results or of missing information. Our methods seek to meld cutting edge technology with a human touch to provide a flexible, more effective offering than other services in the media analysis space. Breaking from the status quo of watching for company mentions, CMG emphasizes the importance of “seeing the forest through the trees” to give a fuller, more actionable, picture of the landscape to our clients. Our team of expert analysts has a nuanced understanding of the media landscape formed through years of work in the public relations space. Additionally, our team comes from the very industries they’re monitoring for CMG clients, giving them a fuller understanding of the issues facing companies or their industries, and allowing for more effective monitoring and analysis.

Automated tools can pick your brand name out of a story, but what if it’s a simple earnings report—reprinted hundreds of times without any changes? What if it mentions your issue in a context that’s not relevant to the media and public policy challenges you face? What if it’s your own press release or that of a similarly named entity?

Automated tools can’t distinguish between irrelevant noise andstories that are vital to your operation. They can’t place them in anykind of priority order.

Hours of your valuable time are still required to pick through the noise tofind the news that matters—time that could be better spent responding tothese challenges. There is far more needed than setting up your own GoogleAlerts; you need a service, not just another time-consuming tool.

Automated tools also can’t determine that a story might be important to you if it doesn’t mention your keywords. Our analysts aren’t just experts in the tools and techniques required to root out news important to you and sort the wheat from the chaff—they immerse themselves in your issue area so they can apply judgement and lateral thinking.

A breaking news story that mires a competitor or regulator in scandal or impacts your supply chain will be ignored by a bot interested only in then arrow focus of a list of keywords and phrases. Our analysts will intuitively understand that these things matter to you and include it in your report or alert you to it in real-time.Our service provides the flexibility and dynamism missing from the array of tools often used to track mentions and pertinent news. CMG designed its system with the shortcomings of available monitoring methods in mind, resulting in a full-service monitoring system that paints a fuller picture of the media, policy, and regulatory landscapes that surround our clients.

  • You’ll have the news that matters, not the results of a simple unintuitive search.
  • You’ll have human context and industry-wide perspective—a broadband view of the whole conversation.
  • You’ll have teams on two continents feeding into your process.

CMG Dashboard

All Your News In One Place

Important news stories and reports can quickly be buried in your email inbox. The CMG Dashboard keeps all your news in one place: searchable and easily categorized. If you need to find that story from last year that’s suddenly relevant again or see how a certain narrative has played out in previous reporting, it’s right there in your dashboard – stored, sorted, and tagged.

You can see and hear your broadcast coverage, sensing the tenor and tone of coverage in a way that just isn’t possible with an automated transcript. You can see live statistics for social media posts, not just a snapshot in time.

  • You’ll have all your news in one place
  • You can search, sort, categorize and share news relevant to your teams from anywhere, making research and weekly reports simpler
  • You can see and hear your broadcast and social coverage in realtime

Once compiled, your daily reports are shared through our Media Intelligence Dashboard. Through this system, client teams can be automatically notified via e-mail of news alerts, but they can also login and search through the alerts in one convenient location.

This platform can stream video and audio of broadcast coverage. You can watch back news coverage, commentary and interviews, seeing and hearing tenor and tone of coverage. Thus, with our system, you don’t need to just read through transcripts—although we do provide text-searchable ones along with the streams and can easily cut-and-edit clips for your use.

The Dashboard also hosts dynamic social content—you’ll see live numbers for retweets, likes, shares, and favorites from leading social media platforms. Other email or PDF reports tell you what the situation was when you received the report. The Dashboard tells you what’s happening right now or at any time your team deems necessary.

The Dashboard includes a robust search function that enables your team to quickly find and filter stories sent through the system. You can specify custom tags and categories, so our analysts will make sure you can instantly find and dissect your coverage when you need it most.

It can also display sentiment analysis or track other pertinent metrics, such as whether a news article has a certain editorial slant, or whether your company’s perspective is included in the copy.

Who We Are

Formed in 2018 by a team of Technology Professionals and Media Intelligence experts, the Crier Media Group (CMG) has a diverse background across multiple industries, allowing us to deliver high-value insight to our clients.

Our team has the expertise and a proven track record of keeping a pulse on the media, policy and regulatory atmospheres that surround our clients and their industries. We work with Fortune 500 companies, leading PR firms, Trade Associations, Law Firms, and Nonprofit organisations.

Headquartered outside of Washington, D.C. and with an office in London, our team monitors the media around the clock and around the world.

Josh Gardner - President

Josh Gardner is president of Crier Media Group. He leads a global team of analysts whose ultimate goal is to ensure our clients maintain a competitive advantage and keep ahead of trends in their respective industries by keeping them informed on the latest news and how it develops.

A veteran of three of the world’s largest communications firms, he has seen first-hand what can happen when even one news story is missed. His in-depth understanding of the value of effective media monitoring and analysisstems from more than 15 years working with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, trade associations, sports organizations, and candidates for public office.

Gardner joined CMG from MSL, where he was vice president for corporate communications and public affairs, and North American lead for the firm’s global energy practice. Prior to MSL, Gardner worked alongside Dr. Frank Luntz to deliver comprehensive communication strategies to a wide range of clients, including the NFL, Fox Sports, Google, HCA Healthcare, the Conservative Party of the UK, and countless others. He began his career at Edelman Public Relations and went on to lead an integrated public relations, research, and advertising team at Ogilvy & Mather.A native of Nashville, TN, Gardner began his career in the office of Representative Bob Clement (D-TN 5th District) before joining the former congressman on his senatorial and mayoral campaigns.

Ben Brown - Chief Technology Officer

Ben Brown is a senior executive with a focus in business strategy and technology. Ben graduated from the University of Georgia, with honors, with a B.B.A in Management Information Systems and Risk Management and Insurance. Ben began his career as an Internet Developer and Solutions Architect for Delta Airlines. After leaving Delta, Ben was an

Independent Consultant helping companies like IBM, HP, GTE and Merrill Lynch develop and launch world class internet-based businesses. In 1999 Ben co-founded Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: LQDT). From 1999 to 2008, LSI grew from five employees to over 1,000 and nearly one billion dollars in online sales. LSI went public in 2006 and Mr. Brown was a lead member of the SOX compliance team. From 2009 to 2018, Ben was an Independent Consultant for companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 100.

Will Schenkel - Senior Vice President (US Monitoring Lead)

Will Schenkel leads Crier Media Group’s U.S. media monitoring operation. Prior to co-founding CMG, Will established and managed media monitoring operations at multiple Washington, D.C. public affairs firms and performed similar functions on political campaigns across the Northeastern United States. He also served as a research consultant to leading business firms, nonprofits, and think tanks focused on international development, foreign affairs, and national security. He holds a Master of Arts in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Affairs from Hofstra University.

Pelham Groom - Senior Vice President (UK Monitoring Lead)

Pelham Groom heads up CMG’s monitoring operation in London. Prior to co-founding CMG, Pelham was head of media monitoring for the Conservative Party for the 2017 General Election, having worked on 2015 General Election, and the 2016 EU Referendum campaign. Pelham is a veteran of two general elections, three sets of local elections and ten Westminster by-elections, before going on to establish and manage monitoring operations for a wide variety of political, public affairs and commercial clients around London.