We launched CMGroup because we believed we could do media monitoring better. Turns out we can do some other things better, too. more

Our vision has always been to grow beyond media monitoring and news intelligence. There are myriad opportunities for us to deliver the same type of bespoke, client-centric services in accounting, design, and development. In fact, we’ve being delivering media monitoring, accounting, design, and development since we began. We just hadn’t thought of it that way. This growth has led us to evolve into something we believe reflects better who we are and what we do.

Specifically, this means four things:

  • Crier Media Group is now CMGroup, which is a nod to our origins. CMGroup will remain the parent company which continues to own and operate 100% of the three distinct operating divisions.
  • The media monitoring business that has been central to our success is now ATLAS. The mythical Greek titan carried the world on his shoulders, just as we carry our clients’ news.
  • Our recently added CMAdvisors is now CORE. Since accounting and advisory services are at the core of our clients’ businesses, we guide their success.
  • The design and development services we offered through Crier Media Group is its own service division. Called BLUEPRINT, our team builds your ideas.

This is an exciting time for CMGroup. Not much is changing in how we do things—we remain committed to delivering the same exceptional services. The difference is in how we view ourselves. This has three major impacts:

  • First, it gives everyone at CMGroup a sense of purpose that’s more than just media monitoring.
  • Second, it allows us to better market our diverse services. This is especially true of our design and development capabilities. That team does remarkable work; it’s time they get recognized for it.
  • Third, it gives us room to reorganize and restructure our individual teams, especially our media monitoring and news intelligence team.

We’re excited to have grown this much, this quickly, but more remarkable is that this growth confirms what we’ve known all along: we do media monitoring, accounting, design, and development better.

Josh Gardner