Important news stories and reports can quickly be buried in your email inbox. The CMG Dashboard keeps all your news in one place: searchable and easily categorized. If you need to find that story from last year that’s suddenly relevant again or see how a certain narrative has played out in previous reporting, it’s right there in your dashboard – stored, sorted, and tagged.

You can see and hear your broadcast coverage, sensing the tenor and tone of coverage in a way that just isn’t possible with an automated transcript. You can see live statistics for social media posts, not just a snapshot in time.

  • You’ll have all your news in one place
  • You can search, sort, categorize and share news relevant to your teams from anywhere, making research and weekly reports simpler
  • You can see and hear your broadcast and social coverage in realtime

Once compiled, your daily reports are shared through our Media Intelligence Dashboard. Through this system, client teams can be automatically notified via e-mail of news alerts, but they can also login and search through the alerts in one convenient location.

This platform can stream video and audio of broadcast coverage. You can watch back news coverage, commentary and interviews, seeing and hearing tenor and tone of coverage. Thus, with our system, you don’t need to just read through transcripts—although we do provide text-searchable ones along with the streams and can easily cut-and-edit clips for your use.

The Dashboard also hosts dynamic social content—you’ll see live numbers for retweets, likes, shares, and favorites from leading social media platforms. Other email or PDF reports tell you what the situation was when you received the report. The Dashboard tells you what’s happening right now or at any time your team deems necessary.

The Dashboard includes a robust search function that enables your team to quickly find and filter stories sent through the system. You can specify custom tags and categories, so our analysts will make sure you can instantly find and dissect your coverage when you need it most.

It can also display sentiment analysis or track other pertinent metrics, such as whether a news article has a certain editorial slant, or whether your company’s perspective is included in the copy.