CMG’s systems offer an alternative to services that have chosen to fully automate their monitoring, often at the cost of quality in results or of missing information. Our methods seek to meld cutting edge technology with a human touch to provide a flexible, more effective offering than other services in the media analysis space. Breaking from the status quo of watching for company mentions, CMG emphasizes the importance of “seeing the forest through the trees” to give a fuller, more actionable, picture of the landscape to our clients. Our team of expert analysts has a nuanced understanding of the media landscape formed through years of work in the public relations space. Additionally, our team comes from the very industries they’re monitoring for CMG clients, giving them a fuller understanding of the issues facing companies or their industries, and allowing for more effective monitoring and analysis.

Automated tools can pick your brand name out of a story, but what if it’s a simple earnings report—reprinted hundreds of times without any changes? What if it mentions your issue in a context that’s not relevant to the media and public policy challenges you face? What if it’s your own press release or that of a similarly named entity?

Automated tools can’t distinguish between irrelevant noise andstories that are vital to your operation. They can’t place them in anykind of priority order.

Hours of your valuable time are still required to pick through the noise tofind the news that matters—time that could be better spent responding tothese challenges. There is far more needed than setting up your own GoogleAlerts; you need a service, not just another time-consuming tool.

Automated tools also can’t determine that a story might be important to you if it doesn’t mention your keywords. Our analysts aren’t just experts in the tools and techniques required to root out news important to you and sort the wheat from the chaff—they immerse themselves in your issue area so they can apply judgement and lateral thinking.

A breaking news story that mires a competitor or regulator in scandal or impacts your supply chain will be ignored by a bot interested only in then arrow focus of a list of keywords and phrases. Our analysts will intuitively understand that these things matter to you and include it in your report or alert you to it in real-time.Our service provides the flexibility and dynamism missing from the array of tools often used to track mentions and pertinent news. CMG designed its system with the shortcomings of available monitoring methods in mind, resulting in a full-service monitoring system that paints a fuller picture of the media, policy, and regulatory landscapes that surround our clients.

  • You’ll have the news that matters, not the results of a simple unintuitive search.
  • You’ll have human context and industry-wide perspective—a broadband view of the whole conversation.
  • You’ll have teams on two continents feeding into your process.